The sun is shining, time to get up
Enjoy the last thermals of the day
Wave over to the two pilots in the Arcus
Ready for another new adventure
Incoming high clouds, now we need to turn arount at the right moment
Pribinacup Nitra, usually the place to be while easter holidays
Memories from the Junior World Gliding Championship in Narromine Australia 2015
Season 2020, here we are
Off season, it’s time to share some memories from this years European Championship in Prievidza Slovakia
Memories from one of my first Föhn flights
It’s time to prepare the hangar and the towplanes for the wintertime
It’s waveday
Circling around in weak conditions
Wonderful playground right next to my home airfield
Through the swiss flatland under a low cloudbase
Cumulus Clouds ahead
Hello little Discus 2 over there
Over the Tribeč hills in Slovakia
Over the slovakian fatra while using an updraft from a fire
It’s towplane repair time
Day is cancelled
Memories from three amazing weeks there
EGC Prievidza | Videos
No, thats not the airfield i came from#Instaviation
EGC Prievidza | 7. Tag
No, the sun didn’t came out today
EGC Prievidza | 5. Tag
EGC Prievidza | 4. Tag
Amazing Cloudstreets before briefing, but somehow someone was able to hide them before towing started
EGC Prievidza | 3. Wertungstag
EGC Prievidza | 2. Wertungstag
Preparation of an outlanding field in progress
EGC Prievidza | 1. Wertungstag
Back home after the first task of the European Gliding Championship. The sky doesn’t look really active anymore
EGC Prievidza | Eröffnungszeremonie
Opening Ceremony for the 20th European Gliding Championship in Prievidza Slowakia
EGC Prievidza | Scrutineering
EGC Prievidza | Das Fluggebiet 3
EGC Prievidza | Das Fluggebiet 2
Swiss Team Camp is ready. One more training day ahead
EGC Prievidza | Das Fluggebiet 1
European Gliding Championship Prievidza
Let’s start a new adventure
When the clouds are looking amazing, but the thermals didn’t know about that
Hahnweide Competition is already history
Hahnweide | 6. Wertungstag
Hahnweide | 5. Wertungstag
Hahnweide | 4. Wertungstag
Hahnweide | 3. Wertungstag
Dry enough to grid, but in the end too wet for a competition day
Hahnweide | 2. Wertungstag
Hahnweide | 1. Wertungstag
The Story of Hahnweide Competition Day 1, from Cumulus Clouds to Thunderstorms
Hey people of lucerne
Bad weather this weekend? Time to visit the Swiss Junior Gliding Championship in Dittingen
Back from Pribinacup in Nitra, right into light snowshowers at my home airfield
Pribinacup Nitra | 6. Wertungstag
Pribinacup Nitra | 5. Wertungstag
Enjoy the beautiful slovak landscape while the training days for the 19th pribina cup
Pribinacup Nitra | 4. Wertungstag
Enough sunshine for another competition day?
Pribinacup Nitra | 3. Wertungstag
Launch in progress
Pribinacup Nitra | 2. Wertungstag
Pribinacup Nitra | 1. Wertungstag
…here we are
Pribinacup Nitra, here we come
Everything ready for the weekend…?
The snow is back at our airfield. Time for glider tuning
It’s always nice, to make it back home
Blue thermals over the swiss plateau
Friday evening, time to prepare for the weekend
When the sun goes down, after the first flying day of the season 2019. Its amazing to be back in the air
Maintenance completed. Ready for a new season
Pribinacup Nitra
It’s maintenance time
On the way to the maintenance shop
Finalglide back home
Off to the next adventure
Autumn is here
On the way to happiness
Together with the Arcus through the Swiss Plateau
Evening, time to hand over our wonderful playground to the balloons
Hello Wingman
Finalglide with a view of Zurich
The Alps ahead
Enjoy the last thermals of the day
Jura hills in the northwest of Switzerland
WGC Ostrow | 7. Wertung
World Gliding Championship 2018 is over
WGC Ostrow | 6. Wertung
WGC Ostrow | 5. Wertung
Waiting in the Grid
WGC Ostrow | 4. Wertung
WGC Ostrow | 3. Wertung
Due to heavy rainshowers at the second turnpoint, the flight ended there in a field
Daily morning routine
Again no Task today
No Task today
Daily weighing of our gliders